Running and Fitness Events

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62nd Street and Support Avenue
Bldg. 23001
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+1 (254)285-5459

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Today's army leaders place a lot of emphasis on maintaining physical fitness. Physical fitness acts as a stress reliever, confidence booster and improves the overall quality of life for our community, we hope to see you at the next race or fitness event.

We offer many run opportunities throughout the year. We even have an event that combine runnning with another sport, such as cycling or swimming.

Run Events

  • Run trophies will be awarded for the overall best male and female runners.
  • Run medals will be awarded to the top three finalists.
  • T-shirt purchase for $15

Free and Open to All

Registration is Required

Turkey Trot Race Results

Physically Challenged Overall
No participants.
Overall Youth Female Winner
Abby Barker 26:45
Overall Youth Male Winner
Brysin Minosky 19:07
Overall Adult Female Winner
Mara Budwig 24:52
Overall Adult Male Winner
Joe Borg 16:55

Females 5-8
1st Place Natalie Prater 28:12
2nd Place Bella Robledo 1:02:20
3rd Place Madison Rush 1:04:17
Females 9-11
1st Place Leah Lang 37:45
2nd Place No participant 00:00
3rd Place No participant 00:00
Females 12-14
1st Place Sol Selvera 28:03
2nd Place KC Lang 37:45
3rd Place No participant 00:00
Females 15-17
1st Place Norma Sanchez 37:02
2nd Place No participant 00:00
3rd Place No participant 00:00
Females 18-29
1st Place Zlata Ignatieva 29:08
2nd Place Beatrice Clark 30:19
3rd Place No participant 00:00
Females 30-39
1st Place Audrey Sundquist 26:48
2nd Place Sandra Kremer 27:15
3rd Place Jordan Davidson 29:40
Females 40-49
1st Place Danielle Harrington 29:21
2nd Place Emily Schiffer 32:12
3rd Place Maxine Cudjoe 32:36
Females 50+
1st Place Carol Kimmel 34:26
2nd Place Mary Fitzgibbon 43:28
3rd Place Debbie Ochsner 50:21

Males 5-8
1st Place Tison Carter 44:58
2nd Place No participant 00:00
3rd Place No participant 00:00
Males 9-11
1st Place Alexander Manalo 29:11
2nd Place Annab Noble 36:21
3rd Place Isaac Fitzgibbon 37:56
Males 12-14
1st Place Raymond Palmer 24:25
2nd Place Mohammad Noble 33:25
3rd Place Jarrett Barker 36:15
Males 15-17
1st Place No participant 00:00
2nd Place No participant 00:00
3rd Place No participant 00:00
Males 18-29
1st Place Brandon Clark 21:29
2nd Place Austin Laytham 22:31
3rd Place David Devers 22:32
Males 30-39
1st Place Christian Genao 19:43
2nd Place Alfonzo Robinson 21:39
3rd Place Alex Saxby 22:50
Males 40-49
1st Place Arnaldo Muniz 23:10
2nd Place Ramon Selvera 26:07
3rd Place Patrick Henry 27:10
Males 50+
1st Place Michael Smalls 28:11
50+ 2nd Place No participant 00:00
50+ 3rd Place No participant 00:00

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