Running and Fitness Events

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62nd Street and Support Avenue
Bldg. 23001
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+1 (254)285-5459

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Today's army leaders place a lot of emphasis on maintaining physical fitness. Physical fitness acts as a stress reliever, confidence booster and improves the overall quality of life for our community, we hope to see you at the next race or fitness event.

We offer many run opportunities throughout the year. We even have an event that combine runnning with another sport, such as cycling or swimming.

Run Events

Free and fee based runs, Open to All

Registration is Required

  • On-site registration is available from 7-7:30 a.m. except Glow Run 5K, 6-6:45 p.m.
  • Online Registration is highly encouraged
Sprint Triathlon - September 14, 2019

Sprint Triathlon Chip Timing Results

Amazing Ruck Team Challenge Results - August 24, 2019
  • Team/Bibs #18 (First Place): 1 hr. 42 mins
    David Autry, Daniel Bari, Joshua Miltier, Brandon Peterson
  • Team/Bibs #23 (Second Place): 1 hr. 47 mins
    Waldron Conner, Matthew Edwards, Joshua Perez, Jeffrey St. Pierre
  • Team/Bib # 4 (Third Place): 1 hr. 51 mins
    Brandon Benderman, Van Yang, Randy Stevenson, James Reinhart
  • Team/Bib# 19: 2 hrs. 3 mins
    Finlay Abdoney, Kevin Gamble, Sean McCullough, Eber Romero
  • Team/Bib# 10: 2 hrs. 4 mins
    Rachel Blaszkowsky, Klariza Rivero, Kelly Sarmento, Robert Wiltzius
  • Team/Bib# 5: 2 hrs. 16 mins
    Darren DeSilva, Jadyan Hernandez, Patrick Quitugua, Evesi Soyoolv
  • Team/Bib# 9: 2 hrs. 16 mins
    America Ives, Calli Peters, Brittney Arreola, Yuliesa Tello
  • Team/Bib#1: 2 hrs. 24 mins
    Stephanie Gomez, Benyisray Yahshem, Julian Moore, Georgiy Autyufeyer
  • Team/Bib#12: 2 hrs. 50 min
    Paul Troxel, Steve Wagner, Sherry Knapp, Kyle Krull
  • Team/Bib#11: 3 hrs.
    Keanna Wilson, Taji Johnson, Ismeal Johnson, Kizer Juanya
  • Team/Bib#2: 3 hrs. 6 min
    Songkod Branchai, Emani Branchai, Cedric Simmons, Cristian Delucia
  • Team/Bib#8: 3 hrs. 13 min
    Maxwell Guies, Tyler Huard, Dean Huard, Jacob Abernathy
Strong - Woman/Man Competition - August 17, 2019

Overall Scoring Sheet