Running and Fitness Events

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62nd Street and Support Avenue
Bldg. 23001
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+1 (254)285-5459

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2019 Running Events Schedule

Today's army leaders place a lot of emphasis on maintaining physical fitness. Physical fitness acts as a stress reliever, confidence booster and improves the overall quality of life for our community, we hope to see you at the next race or fitness event.

We offer many run opportunities throughout the year. We even have an event that combine runnning with another sport, such as cycling or swimming.

Run Events

  • Run trophies will be awarded for the overall best male and female runners.
  • Run medals will be awarded to the top three finalists.
  • T-shirt purchase for $15

Free and fee based runs, Open to All

Registration is Required

  • On-site registration is available from 7-7:30 a.m. except Glow Run 5K, 6-6:45 p.m.
  • Online Registration is highly encouraged
Veterans Day 5K / 10K Run Results

Veterans Day 5K Run Results

Veterans Day 10K Run Results

Army 10-Miler Shadow Run Results

Overall Adult Female

  • Caroline Vining - 01:11:16

Overall Adult Male

  • Daniel Choi - 01:04:53

Full Race Results

April Showers 5K, 28 April 2018 Results

Overall Adult Female Winner
Melinda Sparks

Overall Adult Male Winner
Jeffrey Morgan

Females, 5-8 years

  • 1st Place, Laylah Hendrix
  • 2nd Place, Nariyah Hill
  • 3rd Place, Elle Allman

Males, 5-8 years

  • 1st Place, Jackson James
  • 2nd Place, Dion Bonner
  • 3rd Place, Diego Espinoza

Females, 9-11 years

  • 1st Place, Marissa Christenson
  • 2nd Place, Sara Beth Hay
  • 3rd Place, Jordan Ladsen

Females, 9-11 years

  • 1st Place, La’Ron Alexander
  • 2nd Place, Matthew Franco
  • 3rd Place, Awwab Tajjiou-Noble

Females, 12-14 years

  • 1st Place, Karina Guillen
  • 2nd Place, Aliyah Dozier
  • 3rd Place, Faith Mitchell

Males, 12-14 years

  • 1st Place, Pablo Piccacio

Females, 15-17 years

  • 1st Place, Gillian Schiffer
  • 2nd Place, Aaniyah Hill
  • 3rd Place, Allison Jutras

Males, 15-17 years

  • 1st Place, Zachary Christenson
  • 2nd Place, Nicholas Parsons
  • 3rd Place, Kyle Jutras

Females, 18-29 years

  • 1st Place, Melinda Sparks
  • 2nd Place, Mari Piper
  • 3rd Place, Lauren Kerl

Males, 18-29 years

  • 1st Place, Francisco Castro
  • 2nd Place, Tim Kachelmuss
  • 3rd Place, Ambrose Piper

Females, 30-39 years

  • 1st Place, Angela Harris
  • 2nd Place, Mary Dieterle
  • 3rd Place, Mary Tang

Males, 30-39 years

  • 1st Place, Sandre Band
  • 2nd Place, Simon McManus
  • 3rd Place, Marcus Smartt

Females, 40-49 years

  • 1st Place, Carrie Cieslak
  • 2nd Place, Tammy Parsons
  • 3rd Place, Mariam Villavicencio

Males, 40-49 years

  • 1st Place, Jeffrey Morgan

  • 2nd Place, Alfonso Robinson

  • 3rd Place, Orland Arzola

Females, 50+ years

  • 1st Place, Patricia Grant
  • 2nd Place, Marilyn Nieves
  • 3rd Place, Mary Walls

Males, 50+ years

  • 1st Place, James Rouse

  • 2nd Place, Bryan McPherson

  • 3rd Place, Guillermo Nieves Jr.