The Courses of Clear Creek Snack Bar


Open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and Sat-Sun, 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Face masks or coverings are required if 6ft of distance cannot be maintained.

Battalion Avenue
Bldg. 52381
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+1 (254)287-4130

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Nestled among the hills of Central Texas, The Courses of Clear Creek offers outstanding golf play for players from every level. We offer a great assortment of breakfast, lunch, snack and beverage menu options.

Breakfast Item Price
Breakfast burrito $3.60
Egg and cheese sandwich $2
Egg and cheese sandwich with your choice of bacon, ham or sausage $3.35
Muffins (2) $2.50
Lunch Specials

Daily lunch specials are $6.50 and include your choice of french fries or chips and a fountain drink or iced tea.

Day item
Monday Chicken strips
Tuesday Soft tacos (2) or a bean and beef burrito
Wednesday Pulled pork sandwich
Thursday Chicken fajita wrap
Friday Tuna salad sandwich

Combo any item for $2 to include your choice of french fries or chips and a fountain drink or iced tea.

Lunch Item Price
Hamburger  $4.60
Cheeseburger $4.85
Bacon cheeseburger $5.60
Grilled chicken sandwich $5.55
Club sandwich $5
BLT $3.50
Grilled cheese $2.75
Grilled ham and cheese sandwich $3.50
Ham and cheese kaiser $3.85
Turkey and cheese kaiser $4
Quesadilla $6.50
Polich sausage $2.75
Hot dog $2.50
Chili dog $3.50
Chili cheese dog $4
Fries (small) $1.75
Fries (basket) $2.75
Cheese fries $3.50
Chili cheese fries $4.50
Frito pie $4.25
Chili (bowl) $2.75
Soup $3
Chef salad with choice of chicken, ham or turkey $5.85
Additions and Extras
Additions and extras Price
Hamburger patty $2
Chicken breast $2
Bacon $1.25
Ham $1.25
Turkey $1.25
Chili $1
Cheese $1
Snacks Price
Assorted candy $1
Cookies $1
Crackers $1
Assorted chips $1
Honey roasted peanuts $1
Trail mix $1
Beverage Price
Fountain Soft Drink $1.50
Iced tea $1.50
Pepsi of coke bottled products $2
Gatorade $2.25
Amp, Monster and Life Water $3.50
Bottled water $2
Starbucks coffee $5
Cappuccino $2
Coffee $1.50
Hot chocolate $1.50
Tropicana juice $2
Alcoholic beverage Price
Budweiser, Miller and Coors $3.50
Dos XX, Heineken and Shiner Bock $3.50
Michelob Ultra and Pabst Blue Ribbon $2.75
Draft mug $2
Draft pitcher (small) $4
Draft pitcher (large) $7.75
Strawberry Rita or Lime Rita $3.50
Wine $5
Bacardi rum with mixer $3.50
Smirnoff vodka with mixer $3.50
Jack Daniels with mixer $5.75
Jose Cuervo tequila with mixer $5.75
Crown Royal with mixer $5.75
Hennessey Cognac with mixer $5.75