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Community Events and Bingo Center

Clear Creek Road BLDG 50012
+1 (254)532-9253
W-Sat 5-8:30 p.m. & Sun 12-5 p.m.
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Games start 1.5 hours after doors open.

Enjoy the fun and excitement in our smoke-free facility.

  • Three progressive jackpots Wednesday thru Sunday
  • Cash prizes with over $3000 paid out daily
  • $10,000, $3,000 and percentage of the first day's play jackpots
  • Special games offered throughout the year
  • Progressive game numbers go up weekly
  • Computer handsets available
  • Easy to read monitors display the last ball called
Room Rental

Limited occupancy for COVID-19, please contact us for details.

Room Rental Rates

Full Room
The Full Room can be combined with the Rose and Executive Rooms to accommodate up to 475 people. It's one of the largest meeting spaces on Fort Hood. It's equipped with an impressive stage and 4 TV/display monitors placed throughout the room.

Rose Room
The Rose Room is also spacious and able to accommodate up to 375 people. The space has 2 TV/display monitors.

Executive Room
This space is for small-to-medium sized gatherings up to 100 people. The room has 2 TV/display monitors. 


The following general rules apply to all Bingo play:

  1. Authorized Patrons must produce a government issued photo identification card for active duty military personnel, Selected Reserve, DOD civilian employees (both APF and NAF), and other eligible personnel, will be used for identification purposes (i.e., Veterans with Service Connected displayed on a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs issued ID card) to participate in the bingo program. No one under the age of eighteen (18) years is permitted in the bingo area unless participating in Special Children’s Bingo Events (Halloween, Christmas, etc.).
  2. All authorized users must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to play bingo.
  3. Bona Fide guests are defined as individuals whose presence within the premises of the facility is in response to a specific invitation of an authorized patron for a specific occasion, and for whom the authorized patron personally assumes responsibility, including payment for services and products received. The bona fide guest must be accompanied by the sponsoring patron for the duration of the play. All bona fide guests must produce a valid picture ID and be signed in by their Sponsors before entering the bingo playing area. Authorized Sponsors must meet the requirements of patron above. Authorized patron may sign-in up to five (5) guests. Guest fees are based on the jackpot number, as follows:
    - 52 Numbers or Less $5.00
    - 53-54 Numbers $10.00
    - 55 Numbers or More $15.00
  4. Volunteers serving as callers or monitors, MWR managers, the Director, Chief Business FMWR, direct-line supervisors, employees working the bingo activity, and their immediate Family members may not play. Employees who are not working directly in the bingo activity, but who are otherwise employed by the sponsoring MWR program may play bingo.
  5. All sales are final. The customer will verify cards and change before leaving the cash register. The facility is not responsible for discrepancies after the customer leaves the cash register.
  6. All authorized patrons, to include bona fide guests, must purchase, at a minimum, a game pack to enter the facility. There will be no sharing or splitting of packs. Exceptions are limited to a caregiver who assists an authorized patron or bona fide gust with a disability requiring mobility accommodations, i.e., wheelchair, scooter, cane, or walker, and children under the age of eighteen (18) only during special event bingo events.
  7. Customers who wish to purchase a Hot Ball must purchase a hot ball for each person. The first ball out of the blower will be the Hot Ball number for that session. When a player bingos on a game associated with the Hot Ball number, if the last number called is the Hot Ball number and if that player has purchased the Hot Ball, then that player not only wins the bingo prize, they also win the Hot Ball prize. The Hot Ball is not played with early birds.
  8. Bingo play will begin only after the operational condition of the blower, flash board, etc.; have been inspected by at least two members who have volunteered. This equipment will be inspected again before the games resume after half time or intermission. The inspection will include verification of the bingo balls in the bingo flashboard switch, and the dumping of the balls into the bingo blower.
  9. Once a bingo ball has been removed from the view of the camera, it must be called by the caller. Balls that are verbally called wrong will be corrected before being placed in the switchboard. Once the ball is placed in the switchboard, it is recorded by the “Bingo Machine” computer and is the official record.
  10. Paper packages or quick shots will not be valid if any number is torn out, altered, or the card is unreadable.
  11. The customer must call BINGO, or get the attention of the caller before the next ball is removed from the camera. Players who bingo should stay with the bingo verifier until their card has been verified. After all bingos have been verified, the caller will ask if there are any other bingos before moving on to the next game.
  12. Cash prizes will be paid from a bingo cash prize fund. The Director, FMWR will determine the size of the fund. Cash prizes for a single game totaling more than $2,500 will be awarded by check, or by combination of cash and check (cash payment is limited to $2,500).
  13. When there is more than one winner of a single prize, cash will be divided equally among winners and award of merchandise prizes will be determined by coin toss.
  14. Winners will present their winning card(s) for verification. Winners will sign their name and provide their social security number (SSN) or alternate identifying number (for example, tax exempt number) on the Bingo Activity Sheet when the amount of the winning for a single game is above the IRS reporting limit ($1,200 or more). Identifying information other than the SSN may be required when the amount of the winning card is under the IRS reporting limit. In the case of paper bingo cards, each winner will write and sign their name, and the dollar amount or description of the prize won on the back of the paper card.
  15. Guests with a winning card will provide the sponsor’s identifying information.
  16. All winning cards, after verification of the win, will be final, and the bingo game will then be closed. Delayed claims of winning cards by bingo players will not be recognized.
  17. The customer will count prize money upon receipt Award of all prizes is final, and the facility is not responsible for prize money after the receipt has been signed.
  18. Community Events and Bingo Center discourages authorized users and Bona Fide guests from standing or sitting outside the doors, sidewalk, grass area, or holding space in line for another person before scheduled Bingo program times.
    - Wednesday - Saturday: Doors Open 5:00pm
    - Sunday: Doors Open 12:00pm
  19. During high jackpot games, the number of handsets issue per person will be limited.
    - Three (3) when jackpot is at 54 & 55 numbers
    - Two (2) when jackpot is at 56 numbers
    - One (1) when jackpot is at 57 numbers
  20. All decisions made by management with respect to these rules and bingo operations are final.
  21. Management and staff ask that all patrons show consideration for everyone participating in bingo. Patrons must refrain from profanity, loud noises, and other acts that disturb players. Violators are subject to ejection without refund. Acts of aggression, either verbally or physically, between players or toward bingo staff will not be tolerated. Violators will be ejected without a refund.
  22. The approved Standard Operating Procedures for Bingo can be found in IMCOM Regulation 215-1-1 (Appendix E). These rules supplement and/or enhance that guidance.

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Karaoke Night

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