Fort Hood Community Services Council (CSC) Community Calendar of Events

The CSC is a monthly community-wide forum that brings about awareness of Fort Hood and area community events & activities. The CSC meets the 4th Wednesday of each month.

The CSC serves as a valuable communication link to increase awareness levels of all community residents concerning programs, activities and facilities in the greater Fort Hood community.  The III Corps and Fort Hood Commanding General chairs the meeting.  The Fort Hood and Community Calendar is presented along with agenda items that are derived from cyclic topics and issues raised by CSC members and III Corps and Garrison staff.

Add your topic to the next CSC meeting.

Additions must be received by the 3rd working day of the month to have it added to the following months CSC.
March 27, April 24

Community Events and Bingo Center

Bldg. 50012
Clear Creek Rd
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+1 (254)553-1593