Thankful Thursday

Date: Aug 17

Fort Hood MWR Appreciates You!

Complete a simple survey and receive a box of cookies, at one of the following locations on Thursdays!

  • ACS Lobby & CYS Parent Central Services
    Rivers Bldg. 121, 761st Tank Battalion Avenue
  • Oveta Culp Hobby
    Bldg. 18000, Battalion Avenue
  • Leisure Travel Services (LTS)
    Bldg. 136, 761st Tank Battalion Avenue
  • Casey Memorial Library Annex
    Bldg. 3201, 72nd Street & 761st Tank Battalion Avenue
  • Phantom Warrior Lanes
    Bldg. 49010, Clear Creek Rd. & Santa Fe Avenue
  • Community Events Center
    Bldg. 50012, Clear Creek Road
  • Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)
    Bldg. 36051, 62nd Street
  • Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS)
    Bldg. 9212, Old Ironsides Avenue at 20th & 21st Streets
  • Apache Arts and Crafts
    Bldg. 2337, 761st Tank Battalion Avenue
  • Sprocket Auto Crafts
    Bldg. 9138, 20th Street & Old Ironsides Avenue
  • Recreation Equipment Checkout Center
    Bldg. 4930, Clear Creek Road